Monarch Butterflies

You Can Help Butterflies in Your Own Backyard!

Monarch butterflies are in trouble, but you can help! These important butterflies rely on milkweed which grew wild in prairies and even on farmland throughout North America, but is in decline due to habitat destruction and the widespread use of popular insecticides. The adult butterflies will only lay their eggs on this plant which the caterpillars then eat. Because of their disappearing food source, monarch populations have declined at an alarming rate over the past years.

Fortunately, people all over the country are pitching in to help and you can too! Seeds are cheap and easy to plant and they are a perennial, which means one seed packet will help butterflies for years to come. Once established, butterflies will find the milkweed on their own, and you and your family can watch as the caterpillars grow and transform into beautiful butterflies.

As a warning, milkweed is toxic to animals, so if you have pets or small children, consider planting in a hanging basket to keep it out of reach. Monarch butterflies actually use to toxin in the plants to become poisonous themselves to avoid predators.Their bright coloring warns potential predators to stay clear.

To learn more, or buy seeds, visit the websites below:

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