Bowling for Rhinos

Each year every chapter of the American Association of Zookeepers hosts a "Bowling for Rhinos" fundraiser that to date has collectively raised over $6 million. 100% of money raised supports the Lewa Wildlife Conservancy and the International Rhino Foundation, among other organizations, helping to conserve the 4 extant species of rhino left in the natural world. For more information on this, you can visit

Tickets are $15 and include 2 games and shoe rental

If your team is competing, your team may have up to six bowlers and at least half of your team must work or volunteer at the zoo.

Here is our 2017 Bowling for Rhinos shirt! The front of the shirt has our BFR logo and slogan, while the back of the shirt will have the logos of our sponsors.

We will be taking pre-orders until July 1st and will only have a limited supply at the event. Order your shirt today to make sure you have one and help us "Stomp out Extinction"!

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Can't make it but still want to help?

You can donate here. Just select "The Riverbanks Zoo and Garden" chapter from the pull down menu to credit our chapter.
  • $10 gift will help pay for the gasoline required to move anti-poaching patrols through protected areas.
  • $25 gift could buy a basic tool kit that allows anti-poaching rangers to maintain their equipment.
  • $50 gift is enough to pay for a fingerprint kit that will help bring poachers to justice.
  • A $75 gift can help care for and feed a rhino at the Sumatran Rhino Sanctuary for five days. 

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